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About Journal Of Babylon Center for Humanities Studies

The journal is devoted to the publication of subjects of various human and linguistic specialties for the purpose of scientific and cultural publication as well as for the purposes of scientific promotions for academic staff. The journal publishes researches or articles in both Arabic and English and the journal aims to publish in other languages.

The journal issued according to the decree of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 12/1502 / 6/8/2008, which decided to issue this journal from the Babylon Center for cultural and Historical Studies and has the international numbering ISSN number (2227-2895) in addition to the numbering Iraqi National Library and archives in Baghdad which followed the Ministry of Culture and media No. (1547) in 2011, and the subjects of the journal include different researches in each issue.

The publication of the journal is quarterly. Four publications are issued each year. The journal is edited by a scientific arbitration team that evaluates the research. Each research is sent to the journal's management. It is evaluated by at least two experts. We do not publish any articles or research without license from our experts(evaluators) .

Aims and Scope

Providing an official academic publishing channel interested in publishing scientific research that has not previously been published in the field of human and linguistic studies. It also works to increase the awareness of publishing among Authors in various disciplines from ancient and Islamic history, modern and contemporary history, Arabic language, literature, and another academic research in the humanity field .The journal Disseminated researches of academic staff at the University of Babylon and abroad, in addition to the solid research of the academic staff of the Center and within the annual plan approved in each academic year and work to publish the research scientific promotion of the teaching staff , It is a scientific journal owns International numbering (ISSN), The research is evaluated by a highly professional evaluation team composed of a number of university professors with outstanding scientific competence, all in order to highlight the efforts of the Authors and the work of their intellectual work in a way that meets the interest of the interested reader and reflects the orientations of the academic university.

Publication ethics and research misconduct

1- The research should be in conformity with the UN human rights laws.

2 - The research must be unpublished and not acceptable for publication anywhere else and is not subject to evaluation elsewhere.

3. Scientific honesty in quoting from previous sources and research and attributing it to its original owners.

4. The research provided shall be commensurate with the needs of society in the field of human knowledge.

5 - not to prejudice the scientific or literary figures with an insulting and offensive criticism that there is a constructive criticism based on accurate scientific foundations and constants.

6 - not to be exposed in the search for offensive ideas stemming from personal, religious, ethnic, sectarian or political motives.

7. Confronting new views and ideas may be contrary to the ideas of the persons interviewed in a professional and scientific manner, away from ridicule or abuse.

8 - The researcher must distance himself in writing his research of his personal relations and emotional tendencies and committed to work under the scientific profession.

9 - The researcher must be not response to external pressures in writing research to achieve personal interests or benefits of those parties.

10 - The researcher should be open out to the opinions of other colleagues and accept constructive criticism to improve the image of research and address the mistakes that may be contained in it.

11. If a mistake is discovered in the research after publication, the researcher must cooperate with the editor of the journal to correct the error by the appropriate means (re-publication with correction, withdrawal of the search, apology) and as necessary.

12. Any form of research misconduct as submitting a search that is being published or is being reviewed elsewhere, or already published elsewhere, with the same content or similar content or others' work rates without citing the source of the quotation, plagiarism, forgery or fabrication if discovered at any stage of the editing process, or during printing or even after publication will result in immediate rejection of the search, , And the fees will not be refunded.

Conflicts of interest

1.The editorial board of the journal is committed not to benefit from any papers that did not obtain the approval of publication or the stage of arbitration submitted to the journal without the explicit consent of the researcher and formally.

2. If the research is funded by a specific entity, the researcher must mention the funding body or that contributed to the examination of its tests to avoid sending the research for arbitration to persons working in that body.

3 - In the case of sensing the embarrassment in the evaluation of one of the research by one of the arbitrators he should not hesitate to re - search and not evaluated with the reasons for the editorial.


* The editorial board of the journal is committed to preserving the privacy of the information provided in the research except the authorized persons according to the requirements of the work.

* The Editorial Board shall be committed don't publish the names of the scientific arbitrators unless necessary and after subject to the formal approval of the scientific arbitrator.


In order to maintain high quality publication, Journal Of Babylon Center For Humanities Studies has strong policies on the ethics of publishing. All manuscripts submitted in search of any scientific theft, impersonation or quotation are checked by the scientific evaluators who examine the texts presented in the research according to the tools they see an opportunity derived from his or her scientific experience or by searching in the databases of (Google Scholar) and other databases and according to the appropriate method that the scientific evaluator sees.

Method of sending research

1 - Be through the presence of the headquarters of the journal located in the University of Babylon / Babylon Center for Civilizational and Historical Studies directly by the author (for solo research) or by the author authorized by the participants in the research (if the research is shared) and three hard copies with CD Contains Word search.

2 - Submit research through the website of the journal en.bcchj.com follow the instructions for sending research.

Article processing Fees
Publication charge for each article is 70 USD or 90000 IQD which can be payed by - Our bank account (Al- Rashid Bank – Babylon University Branch 579) Account number 50045 . Or by: Paying the fees directly to the accountant our Journal Of Babylon Center For Humanities Studies Center.- Either way please send us a scan copy of your payment reset.please open this link: western union

Journal Of Babylon Center For Humanities Studies

(ISSN): 2227-2895 (print)
(E-ISSN):2313-0059 (online)
NO.National Library and Archives in Baghdad:1547 in 2011


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