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Duties of the Editorial Board

First: the principles of the work of the editorial board

1-When the researcher submitted the manuscript , the editors' review it if appropriate for the actual review, but if the search does not meet the specifications mentioned to the researcher will be returned for correction.

2-Any research not in accordance with the ethics of scientific publication shall be rejected by the Journal.

3- The editorial board shall work in a high scientific profession, without distinction between persons deriving from personal, religious, ethnic, sectarian or political motives.

4- The editorial board is committed to publishing research in accordance with the standards of sound scientific publishing and its ethics.

5- In the event of a complaint or complaint regarding research misconduct, the work with the members of the editorial board shall be coordinated to deal with the problem and give the researcher an opportunity to respond to the complaints and keep all the complaint documents, regardless of the publication date of the publication.

6 - The editorial board emphasizes the necessity of the researcher's commitment to the policy of publishing the general journal. In addition, the research, opinions and ideas contained in the journal's published research represent the viewpoint of its authors and the editorial board. It is not responsible for the views and ideas contained in the published research, and this is in contradiction with publishing ethics and instructions to deal with research misconduct. Published on the journal's website

The Stages of the editorial board

1. The editorial board shall confirm the researcher's consent to the author's agreement (published on the website) and other Authors (if any) prior to the commencement of the other procedures indicated by the researcher's signature.

2 - Research suitable for publication in the Journal of the Center of Babylon for human studies would be send to experts (scientific evaluators) for the purpose of evaluating the research and uses the journal method of assessment so that each examiner or expert does not know the other evaluators does not know the name of the researcher.

3 - After the return of the search of the evaluators:

A- If the research is not valid for publication (in the opinion of the scientific evaluator), the researcher shall be notified in writing.

B - The search is sent back to the researcher who in turn corrects the search (in case of corrections) and return it to the editorial board.

4 - The journal shall be obliged to publish the research after the researcher 's commitment to the published publishing conditions, after presenting them to the scientific experts competent in relation to the scientific research subject determined by the journal and the approval of them published or not, or subject to publication after the amendments by the researcher.

5 - The journal reserves the rights of editing for all texts in terms of font, size and clarity.

Duties of Scientific evaluator

1 - The evaluation of research according to the scientific counterparts and the precise competence of the scientific assessor.

2. The scientific evaluator is obliged to return the search to the journal in case of incompatibility of jurisdiction.

3 - Determine a fixed time committed by the scientific evaluator to return the search after its evaluation.

4. If the scientific evaluator does not comply with the Timing, the editorial board shall send the research to another scientific unit.

5. The scientific evaluator's commitment to the confidentiality of information and evaluation and not to keep or copy the research.

6 - Commits the scientific evaluator to ensure the arbitration of research away from personal tendencies and sharp criticism of the personality of the researcher, and in the case of sensing the critical scientific evaluator for certain reasons he apologize for the evaluation and re-search to the editorial board.

7 - The search for any astrology or scientific theft with appropriate tools for the scientific scholar.




Professor Dr. Aamer Rajh Naser Al Rubaey

Editor in Chief

Geography of cities and urban development

Assistant Professor Dr.Ahmed Jassim Ibrahim

Editorial Secretary

Iraq\ University Of Babylon \Babylon center for cultural and historical studies \ Islamic history

Professor Dr. Abdul-Zahra al-Janabi


Iraq\University Of Babylon \ College of Education for Human Sciences

Professor Dr. Mahmoud Omar


Egypt \ Zagazig University Dean of the Institute of Oriental Studies of Civilizations / Islamic history

Professor Dr. Asim Abboud Zbar


Iraq\ University Of Babylon \ College of Basic Education\English Language

Prof. Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Fattah zhara


Egypt\ Al-Azhar University\ Islamic history

Prof. Dr.Munther Ibrahim Hussein


Iraq\ University Of Babylon \Babylon center for cultural and historical studies\Arabic Language

Assistant Professor Dr. Imad Hussein Al-Morshedi


Iraq\University of Babylon\ College of Basic Education \ Psychology

Assistant Professor Dr. Younis Abbas Nima


Iraq\ University Of Babylon \Babylon center for cultural and historical studies

Assistant Professor Dr. Qassim Rahim Hassan


Iraq\ University Of Babylon \Babylon center for cultural and historical studies

Assistant Professor Dr. Osama sahib Menem


Iraq\ University Of Babylon \Babylon center for cultural and historical studies

Assistant Professor Mazen Mohammed Hussein


Iraq\ University Of Babylon \Babylon center for cultural and historical studies

Dr. Ahmed Bin Shamsra Saudi


Algeria\ University Of Amar Telidji \Alaghouat

Assistant Professor Dr.Ryan James


USA\Northern Illionis University

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